Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market
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External Evaluation of LATWORK Project implementation and results

In the framework of LATWORK Project  “Developing research and innovation capacities of Latin-American HEI for the analysis of informal labour market” and specifically, in the framework of WP6 Quality Assurance, Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile, LATWORK project coordinator, is seeking for an external evaluator with expertise in research in labour market to undertake the external evaluation of LATWORK project, focusing on the specific increase of LA Partners’ research and innovation capacity for the analysis on informal labour market, from an expert on the matter’s point of view. 

Universidad Viña del Mar has published the Terms of Reference related to this External Evaluation Service: Terms of Reference: External Evaluation of LATWORK Project. All evaluators that consider that they meet the selection criteria that is mentioned in the Terms of Reference they are kindly invited to send the expressions of interest to the e-mail as indicated in the Terms of Reference before the deadline on June 29th 2020. After the abovementioned date, Universidad Viña del Mar, Chile, LATWORK project coordinator through its evaluation committee, will evaluate the expressions of interest presented and will select the external evaluator to undertake this service.

All questions on this matter should be addressed to the following e-mail


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