Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market
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The Online Conference "Informality, inequality and social protection in Latin America" took place today friday 28th of August

The Online Conference "Informality, inequality and social protection in Latin America" took place today friday 28th of August. The Keynote speaker of this activity was Dr. Laís Abramo, Former Director of ECLAC Social Development Division. This activity is part of the development of the LATWORK Virtual Course "Informality and its multiple dimensions in Latin America", that has 678 participants. In particular, this was the closing of the Second Module of the course "Informal Work in Latin America" which has been developed during this month of August.

The Director of International Cooperation of Universidad Viña del Mar, and General Coordinator of the Erasmus + LATWORK Project, Meritxell Calbet, welcomed the participants and presented the latest news of the LATWORK Project. After that, Dr. Marcelo Manzano, one of the Professors of the Online Course and Moderator of the activity introduced the Keynote speaker: Dr. Laís Abramo, Former Director of the Development Division of the ECLAC. After that, Dr. Laís Abramo began the conference "Informality, inequality and social protection in Latin America". In her speech, Dr. Abramo spoke about the matrix of social inequality in Latin America and the recent evolution of informality in this region providing some reflections on the challenges for social protection. The Conference was open to the public and broadcasted through YouTube, and more than 150 people attended during the activity. For people who could not attend the live event and would like to view the Conference, it is available through this following link:

This activity became an excellent instance to close Module 2 "Informal Work in Latin America", furthermore, it addressed really important concepts such as social inequality, which will be a central theme of the next Module 3 of the course, entitled "Gender and race in labour informality" that begins next Monday, August 31st on the virtual course platform.

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