Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market

WP4 Research Output platform on informal jobs and informal economy

E-learning platform

In compliance with one of LATWORK Project’s objectives, an e-learning platform exclusively dedicated to training participants in issues related to the Project’s topics was created. Courses dictated in this e-learning platform will be addressed to members of a wider community (students, professors and lecturers, researchers, government employees and civil servants, etc.) who are keen on studying informal economy and informal market. Access will be for free and attendance certification will be delivered to all assistants.

The first online LATWORK course is called "Informality and its multiple dimensions in Latin America", and is going to take place from July to October 2020. It is organized by specialized lecturers from Higher Education Institutions.

This first course consists of four modules:

  • Module 1 (July): Informality: understandings and theories from a historical perspective.
  • Module 2 (August): Informal labour in Latin America
  • Module 3 (September): Genre and race in labour informality
  • Module 4 (October): Methodologies used in informality measurement.

Each module consists of didactic material according to each topic (bibliography, videos, checking exercises) and can be self-administrated by each student. Professors will also provide students with weekly inquiry lessons through the Forum or the Chat Room. Each module will end with a live online lecture given by specialists in the addressed issues. The course will be delivered in Spanish and Portuguese.

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