Developing research and innovation capacities of Latinamerican HEI for the analysis of informal labour market
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Contributing to employability research in Chile

The Directorate of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employability, DIEE, of the San Sebastián University, has generated a series of meetings with different labor observatories, corresponding to the Metropolitan, Biobío and Los Lagos regions, the framework of the dissemination and adding plan knowledge of the collaborative work that the Latwork project in Chile is generating.

The first meeting held at the Labor Observatory of the Metropolitan region, was attended by the National Head of Employability of the DIEE, Paulina Urrutia and aimed to strengthen ties to generate collaborative work between the units. The second meeting was held at the Labor Observatory of the Biobío region, in which Allan Muñoz, Coordinator of the DIEE Concepción headquarters participated, occasion in which networks could be established to generate more inputs on the subject of work Informal in our country.

“The dissemination is a work package that involves the development and permanent updating of a strategic plan that aims to articulate with state institutions, universities and social organizations, in this case, labor observatories are one of the objective groups that we should include in the project to move towards a knowledge network on Latwork issues and future developments in research and training, ”said Ana María Calderón, in charge of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employability at De Patagonia and PhD headquarters. in Education, after having attended the third meeting with the Los Lagos Region Labor Observatory.

These types of initiatives will be replicated with various social entities and organizations and institutions related to Latwork themes. generating a multiplier effect that will raise awareness about the importance of research on employability, informality and the labor market, guaranteeing successful training programs and evidence-based decision making.

The Latwork project called “Developing Research and innovation Capacities of Latin-American HEI for the analysis of Informal Labor Market”, is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Program and has the general objective of developing research structures and innovative methodologies to meet the scientific needs of knowledge creation in the field of informal work and informal economy.

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